Vitality, renewal and self-awareness -


Yoga with Tristrem and Yvonne Carlyon



Tristrem and Yvonne


We believe yoga to be a science, a healing art, and a spiritual practice. Our teaching is adapted to meet individual needs, in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharaya. We honour yoga's ancient traditions and embrace pluralist values.

We work with playful warm-up exercises derived from Qigong, classical yoga asanas,  and deeply restorative yin postures to nurture our physical and energetic bodies. We explore some powerful breathing practices  (pranayama), and move into profound and healing stillness in guided relaxation and meditation.

As blockages are gently released, the potential arises for renewal and coming home to our true selves. Everyone receives individual attention and is offered appropriate modifications to help them get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from the practice.